News From: January, 2014

Lenny Lucenko chairs the Thurston County Bar Association's CLE program

Lenny Lucenko is the chair of the Thurston County Bar Association's monthly lunchtime continuing legal education (CLE) program. In his capacity as chair, Lenny helps select and organize the speakers/topics that are presented to the local legal community. The December 2013 CLE focused on specialty courts in Thurston County, specifically the Mental Health and Veteran's courts. The CLE scheduled for February 2014 focuses on food, farming and the law.

January 30, 2014

CTM Donates to Friends of Capitol Forest

CTM is a proud supporter of the group Friends of Capitol Forest (FOCF). FOCF is a mountain bike based non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and building trails in Capitol Forest. It holds regular trail maintenance work parties and organizes mountain bike rides on a weekly and monthly basis. Since some of our lawyers use the trails in Capitol Forest (an understatement), CTM is happy to contribute to FOCF's efforts!

January 14, 2014

Lenny Lucenko serves as chair of the Thurston County Bar Association's Adopt-a-Family Program

In 2013, Lenny Lucenko chaired the Thurston County Bar Association's (TCBA) adopt-a-family program. With the help of the Salvation Army, TCBA and its members sponsored 31 families (118 individuals) and provided each family/family member with an individually wrapped gift. TCBA also raised an additional $1,992 from its members, which was gifted to the families in the form of Safeway gift cards. Thank you to Lenny, the Salvation Army and the TCBA for another great Adopt-a-Family year!

January 05, 2014